Mud Season Break Updates!

Hello, gossip hounds. Justin and I have HAD IT, and we will be taking a Mud Season break from April 10th-May 25th. We couldn’t have had a better season with you all, and we are totally joking that we’ve had it. We actually can’t get enough of our guests — from the boozehounds to the curmudgeons — we genuinely have love for you all. Our last dinner service will be Saturday, April 9th (5:30-9pm) and we will re-open Thursday, May 26th with our regular bar and restaurant hours, Thursday through Sunday. We are Europe-bound and will hopefully bring back many good food/drink/hospitality ideas…. unless we indulge too much, then we’ll just hope to make it home with all of our belongings. Thank you all for keeping us here and for making our jobs the best. Keep in touch for details on our Hostelavista closing party after the 9th, and come visit us before we take off!

Justin + Eliza

Menu April 3-6 (specials will change daily!)

Please note that we will close for our Mud Season break from April 10th-May 26th. Our last dinner will be Saturday, April 9th from 5:30-9pm. Thanks for a great season!

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