Stick Season Closure: October 29 – November 23, 2017

Homestyle Hostel will be closed from October 29 through November 23, re-opening on Friday, November 24th (the day after Thanksgiving)! We will take this time to do some much needed kitchen renovations, and to go on vacation! Thank you all for a wonderful Summer/Fall season!

“A tranquil effect washes over Vermont immediately after foliage. A few bouts of rain, a burst of wind, and one early frost cause piles of leaves to slowly return to the earth. Bright yellows and burnt oranges drop from their treetops. The trees left behind remain tall and barren, surrounded by sporadic conifers and pines. Leaf-laden trails wind through a forest of bare branches and sweeping views. In Vermont, we call this stick season.” – Cheddar and Gin